Online Message Center

How do I send a message?

After logging in, select the New Message link and choose the message topic that best describes your question. After typing your message, hit 'Send' and your message will be sent to customer service.

What if I don't see the topic I would like to ask about?

If you do not see a message topic that closely aligns with your question, you can choose to send a message to customer service using the Other category.

What does Reference Number mean?

The Reference Number is a unique identifier for your inquiry. If you need to ask a question about your case, use your reference number.

How do I view my sent messages?

You can view your sent and received messages from the Inbox within Online Message Center. Sent and received messages will be date/time stamped in the Last Update (CT) column. Your message and all related messages are contained in one 'message chain'. When viewing a specific message, the most recent update to the message chain will appear first. All previous messages will appear when you click on the + beside Message Chain.

I received a notice that I have a new message in my Inbox. How do I retrieve my new message?

Each time you receive a new message, an email will be sent to your personal email address notifying you of the new message. Log in to online banking and click on Contact Us to access the Online Message Center where you will be able to click on the underlined message subject to view your new message.

What if I have not received a reply in the amount of time I was told?

It is our goal to respond to all messages within a reasonable amount of time. If you haven't received a reply within the designated amount of time, please resend the message or call our customer service representatives.

How do I reply to my messages?

While viewing your messages, select the Reply to This Message link. This will allow you to reply to your message.

What happens when I delete a message?

When you delete a message, the message is no longer available in the Online Message Center but remains on our system for a period of one year.

Can I update my email address?

You can update your email address within the Managing Online Access tab of Online Banking.