Managing Additional Users

What kind of options do I have in setting up additional Users?

You can:

  • Set up as many new Users as you like.
  • Choose which accounts you want each User to have access to.
  • Decide what permissions* your Users are given.
  • Modify your Users' access at any time after they are set up.
  • Remove Users at any time.
  • Reset Users' passwords.

* Permissions would include the ability to view accounts, make payments to credit card accounts and more.

How many additional Users can I set up for my company?

There is no limit to the number of Users you can set up online.

Will each User be assigned a separate User ID for log in?

Yes, each User will need a separate User ID and Password to access the site. As the Administrator, you will need to pick a User ID for each User you are setting up.

Can I limit a User's access?

Of course! Our website offers flexibility in setting up Users. As the Administrator, you can decide not only what accounts you want to give your Users access to, but also what permissions* they have on each of those accounts. A User can be set up with all or any of these permissions, as needed.

* Permissions would include the ability to view accounts, make payments, view account information, or even add, change or delete Users.

Once I set up a new User, can I change their access level later on?

As the Administrator, you can update a User's access at any time by going to the Managing Online Access section. First, select the User and then you can modify their profile information or credit card account access.

Can I remove a User if they are no longer with my company?

As an Administrator, you can remove Users who no longer need online access to their account by going to the Managing Online Access option and selecting Delete a User.

If one of my company's Users forgets their Password, can I assign them a new Password?

Yes. As the Administrator, you can reset your Users' passwords at any time online, which will save you the trouble of calling Customer Service.

How do I learn how to manage Users?

At the top of each page there is a Quick Help overview to help guide you through the page. The Managing Users tab has a Quick Help page designed to help you navigate this area.