Internet Fraud

What is email fraud?

Email is an inexpensive and popular method for distributing fraudulent messages. Phishing is a form of email fraud. These fraudulent emails appear to come from legitimate companies with whom consumers do business. The goal of a fraudulent email is to obtain personal and/or financial information. We will never ask for you to verify or provide any personal or financial information within an email.

How can I tell if an email or other Internet activity is fraudulent?

Fraudulent email will typically have a familiar company logo and resemble their Internet site. For added security we will display your first and last name with the last four digits of your account number in each email that comes from us. Our emails will only come from the addresses listed below:

If you are ever in doubt, please Contact us.

How do I report a fraudulent email?

If personal information was provided and you suspect that the website, email, or pop up box may be fraudulent, Contact us. If personal information was not provided and you suspect fraudulent Internet activity, please fill out a Report Internet Fraud form. To assist in our investigation further please keep record of as much information as possible. We may request that you forward the email to us or print it so that it may be forwarded to other agencies as well.

How is my email address obtained?

Email addresses can be obtained from publicly available sources or through randomly generated lists. Therefore, if you receive a fake email that appears to be from us this does not mean that your email address, name, or any other information has been taken from our systems.

How do I know the website I am viewing is legitimate?

If you don't recognize the link/URL provided in an email, do not click the link/URL provided. Instead you should open a new browser and type in an address you know. The majority of fraudulent email messages will link to fake copies of a legitimate site in which the URL is transposed by a couple of letters. If you are ever in doubt, please Contact us.

How can I protect myself against email or Internet fraud?

The website has many security measures and safeguards in place to ensure your accounts and credit are protected. We'd like to provide you with these tips so that we can work together to prevent fraud.

  • Keep your operating system and browser up to date.
  • Install a personal firewall.
  • Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date.
  • Scan your computer for spyware on a regular basis.
  • Do not download programs or files from unknown sources.
  • Install a pop-up blocker from a trustworthy source.
  • Disconnect from the Internet when you are not online.