Account Alerts

What is Account Alerts?

Account Alerts is a free service that delivers email alerts notifying you when important events occur on your accounts. You can sign up to receive emails when your statement information is available to view online, when your payments are due, when your payments have posted and more. Just select the alerts that are right for you.

Is there a cost to use Account Alerts?

No, the Account Alerts service is absolutely FREE to online customers.

How secure is Account Alerts?

Alerts are sent to your email address via unsecured email. For that reason, we do not send confidential or personal information within the alert message.

When I receive an alert, how can I be sure it is from FNNI?

We will display your first and last name with the last four digits of your account number in each email alert that comes from us.

Is special software required to use Account Alerts?

No, all you need to receive the alerts is a valid email address.

Can I reply to an alert?

We ask that you please do not reply to the alert emails. If you have questions about the email or the Account Alerts service, go to the Contact Us section of the site and use the secure email function located there.

What should I do if I do not receive an alert?

If you have not received an alert, go to the Manage Account Alerts page to view all of the alerts you have set up on your accounts. If there is an alert on your list that you have not received, please check your spam or deleted files. If you have any questions or concerns about alerts, Contact us.

Can the bank terminate my ability to receive Account Alerts?

Yes, the Account Alert service and/or your ability to receive Account Alerts, can be terminated. As stated in the Account Alerts agreement, we reserve the right to terminate or change our Account Alert without prior notice to you.

How do I sign up for Account Alerts?

Signing up for Account Alerts is simple. All you need is an account that is enrolled online and a valid email address. Click on the Enroll in Account Alerts link on the left navigation menu of the Accounts tab. In 3 easy steps you'll be managing your accounts with greater ease.

How do I set up, change, or delete the alerts I have already set up?

You can quickly and easily update your alerts. Just choose Manage Account Alerts and select the account you want to update. Then choose which alerts are right for you.

Can my alerts be sent to more than one email address?

Yes, you can specify two email addresses for each account you have enrolled online. When you set up your alerts, you can choose which email address you would like the alert to be sent to.

How do I change the email address(es) for my alerts?

To change your email address(es), go to the Manage Account Alerts page.

What alerts are available for my credit card account?

You can choose any or all of the Account Alerts below for your credit card account:

Statement Information Available

You'll be notified when your statement information is available to view online. Paper statements will continue to be mailed to you. If you'd like to stop receiving paper statements, sign up for Paperless Statements. To enroll in Paperless Statements, select Enroll in Paperless Statements from the left navigation menu on the Account tab.

Payment Due

You can set this alert to notify you 5-10 business days before your credit card payment is due.

Payment Posted

You'll be notified when your credit card payment has posted to your account. If multiple payments are received the same day, the payments will be totaled and sent within one alert.

Payment Not Posted

You'll be notified when your credit card payment has not posted to your account by the first business day after your payment due date.

Nearing Credit Limit

You can set this alert to notify you when your credit card balance is within a certain dollar amount of your credit limit.

Credit Limit Exceeded

You can set this alert to notify you when you have exceeded your credit limit.

Credit Posted

You'll be notified when a credit posts to your credit card account.

Purchase Exceeds Set Amount

You can set this alert to notify you when a purchase exceeds an amount you specify.

Daily Balance

You can set this alert to notify you daily with your current balance. This will be the previous business day's balance and does not include current day transactions or items that have not permanently posted to the account.

Pending Credit Card Payment

You can set this alert to notify you when a preauthorized payment is scheduled on your account. This alert will include the scheduled payment date and dollar amount to be posted.

Why doesn't my Payment Posted alert match the amount of the last payment I made?

At the end of each business day, when the Account Alerts are generated, the last payment that posts to your account will be the payment amount that is reflected on your alert. If there were multiple payments made, the alert amount may not match the amount of the payment you made. It is recommended that if your alert does not match the amount of your last payment, that you log in to our secure website to view your account history.