Account Alerts

It's easy to manage your account with timely email alerts that keep you informed of account status and transaction activity. Receive alerts for payment reminders, current balances, payment status and more. Just enroll online or log in and determine which alerts are right for you.

Log in to your Online Banking account and choose from the following Account Alert options.

Payment Alert

Make sure your payments are applied on time. Set up alerts to be notified when your:

  • Payment is due.
  • Payment is scheduled to be paid and the amount.
  • Payment has posted to your account.

Credit Limit Alerts

Keep informed about your credit limit status. Get notified when your:

  • Balance is within a certain dollar amount of your credit limit.
  • Balance has exceeded your credit limit.

Transaction Alerts

Manage transaction activity quickly. Receive an alert when:

  • Credits post to your account.
  • Purchases exceed an amount you specify.

Balance Alerts

Get notified of your current balance every day. Note that the balance will be the previous business day's balance and does not include current day transactions or items that have not permanently posted to the account.

Statement Alerts

Reviewing your statement monthly is important. Receive an alert when your monthly statement is available to view online. Note that paper statements will continue to be mailed to you unless you have enrolled in Paperless Statements.

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Account Alerts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Account Alerts?

First, you must have an online banking account with us. Once logged in to your account, select "Manage Account Alerts" on the left side of the page.

Can my alerts be sent to more than one email address?

Yes, you can specify two email addresses for each account you have enrolled online. When you set up your alerts, you can choose which email address you would like the alert to be sent to.

What should I do if I do not receive an alert?

If you have not received an alert, you might want to check your email spam folder and make sure is added to your address list. Also make sure your alerts are being sent to the correct email address.