Management Reports

Let us take care of the detailed, itemized reports you need. With a Business Credit Card, we offer easy-to-read, monthly Management Reports. You get an itemized listing of your employee's credit card activities, along with a record of tax-deductible expenses to help with your company tax filings.

Management Reports are provided on request to Business Credit Card customers, with detail including:

Cardholder Listing

We give you detail on each cardholder's name, account status, purchase credit limit, open date, and close date.

Consolidated Employee Spending

You get an overview of your card activity, including the opening balance, purchases, cash advances, finance charges, fees, payments & credits, and ending balance. We organize it by individual cardholder, in addition to totals for the company.

Cardholder Activity by Category

Individual account purchases are organized into the following spending categories:

  • Airlines
  • Auto Rental
  • Transportation Expense
  • Business Services
  • Lodging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Other

This section also includes the number of transactions and total dollars spent (month-to-date and year-to-date) for all categories. This section is listed by individual cardholder and company.

Transaction Detail

We give you detailed information on each individual transaction, including the transaction date, merchant name, city and state where it took place and the amount.