Apple Pay

Make secure card payments at participating stores, in apps and on the web with supported Apple® devices. Apple Pay makes every day purchasing easy and safer than paying with a physical card.

Add your credit or debit card to Apple Pay:

  1. Open your Apple Wallet on your Apple device
  2. Take a picture of your card or enter in your card details manually. Please note that for your account safety & security you may have to contact us for additional authentication before your card is activated in your Apple Wallet.
  3. Your card is now ready to use everywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

Make payments with Apple Pay:

  • Look for the Apple Pay or digital payment symbol at checkout.
  • With a store merchant, hold your phone near the merchant's card reader at checkout and authorize your payment with your fingerprint Touch ID™.
  • With a mobile online or app merchant, select the Apple Pay option at checkout and authorize your payment with your fingerprint Touch ID™.

What makes Apple Pay so secure?

Your full card number is never shown to the merchant. The Secure Element in your iPhone stores your account information with enhanced security and never shares the actual account number with the merchant or transmits it with payments. Learn more about Apple Pay security.

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