Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking?

First Bankcard Mobile offers you two more ways to access your credit card accounts:

  • Mobile Application
    • Access through a downloaded mobile application available in app stores/marketplaces
    • Menus are displayed through the app
    • Any iPhone or Android smartphone with a data plan can be used
  • Mobile Web
    • Launch a browser on your mobile phone and enter your First Bankcard Online account URL.
    • Menus are displayed to a customer much like online banking, enabling users to conduct banking transactions
    • Any phone that allows Internet access can be used

Is Mobile Banking Secure?

  • Username and Password are the same ones that you use for First Bankcard Online Banking (
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the same as First Bankcard Online Banking – same questions, same frequency.
  • Password or MFA lockouts within First Bankcard Online Banking will restrict the use of the Mobile Web or Mobile Apps, or vice versa.

Can I use Mobile Banking on more than one phone?

Yes. Log on to your online banking account to enroll another phone number.

How do I log in to the Mobile Web

  • Launch browser on your mobile phone
  • Enter url for First Bankcard Online Banking. This will redirect you to Mobile Web.
  • Tap 'Sign In'
  • Enter User ID, Password, and tap 'Log In'
  • Answer any challenge question(s)

How do I log in to the Mobile App?

  • Open app
  • Enter User ID, Password, and tap 'Sign In'
  • Answer any challenge question(s) and enter 'Submit'

What are the available features of Mobile Web and the Mobile App?



Sign on

First Bankcard Online Banking credentials are required and used for login. Possible challenge questions due to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Account Balance

View all enabled balances

Account History

View account transaction history

Transaction Search

Search by amount or date range

Transaction Detail

View post date, amount, Ref ID, Type, Status

Make a Payment

Pay against balance of any FNBO-approved credit card account. Make or schedule a one-time payment. View payment history and scheduled payments. Cancel next scheduled payment. Payment confirmation. Payees are read-only – change them on First Bankcard Online Banking site.

Contact Us

Provides Customer Service numbers and mailing addresses.

How do I make a payment with Mobile Banking?

  • Select "Pay Credit Card" from either the Accounts page or the Payments page
  • In the 'To' field, select First Bankcard credit card you would like to pay
  • Under the 'From' heading, select a checking or savings account to pay your card
  • Enter payment amount from the various options under the 'Amount' heading
  • Select payment date from the menu
  • Tap Submit
  • On the confirmation page, review your scheduled payment and press 'Confirm'
  • A payment screen will appear letting you know your payment has been scheduled, tap OK
  • Your scheduled payment will appear on the Payment page until it processes
  • Once your payment has processed, it will appear under "Recent Payments"

How do I add a payment account?

  • Select the Payment icon from the navigation bar
  • Tap 'Pay Credit Card'
  • Click the menu under the 'From' field
  • Tap 'Add Account'
  • Select Checking or Savings under 'Account Type'
  • Enter your Routing Number and Account Number and tap Submit when done
  • Review account information and press 'Confirm'

What are the different kinds of Alerts?

You can choose any or all of the Account Alerts below for your credit card account:

Statement Information Available

You'll be notified when your statement information is available to view online. Paper statements will continue to be mailed to you. If you'd like to stop receiving paper statements, sign up for Paperless Statements. To enroll in Paperless Statements, select Enroll in Paperless Statements from the left navigation menu on the Account tab.

Payment Due

You can set this alert to notify you 5-10 business days before your credit card payment is due.

Payment Posted

You'll be notified when your credit card payment has posted to your account. If multiple payments are received the same day, the payments will be totaled and sent within one alert.

Payment Not Posted

You'll be notified when your credit card payment has not posted to your account by the first business day after your payment due date.

Nearing Credit Limit

You can set this alert to notify you when your credit card balance is within a certain dollar amount of your credit limit.

Credit Limit Exceeded

You can set this alert to notify you when you have exceeded your credit limit.

Credit Posted

You'll be notified when a credit posts to your credit card account.

Purchase Exceeds Set Amount

You can set this alert to notify you when a purchase exceeds an amount you specify.

Daily Balance

You can set this alert to notify you daily with your current balance. This will be the previous business day's balance and does not include current day transactions or items that have not permanently posted to the account.

Pending Credit Card Payment

You can set this alert to notify you when a preauthorized payment is scheduled on your account. This alert will include the scheduled payment date and dollar amount to be posted.